Farewell Momentum 2015!

Momentum 2015 Aderant Global Conference

Hyatt Regency New Orleans
April 20-23, 2015

“I’ve been attending the Elite conferences for 15 plus years and got more out of the 2014 Aderant Momentum conference than I ever did at an Elite conference. The classes are small enough that you can actually learn something new and the Q&A time was very helpful! Plus the food, outings and accommodations were all top notch! I’m excited to go back to Momentum again!”

Financial Systems Manager

“It’s great for us. And to be honest, I don’t care where you have it. So I’ll go wherever. And our owners of the firm are all up for it. So we will continue as long as you keep having them. We’ll be there. We’re big cheerleaders.”

Corporate Trainer

“This is my first year at Momentum. It is an amazing experience. It’s great to interact directly with Aderant staff. And the interaction with other users is very valuable. I’ve learned so much to take back to my firm.”

Executive Director

“They’re my learning tools to help know what’s out there and what firms are doing. So I find it very valuable for that.”


“I just learned so much just sitting at the breakfast table or the lunch table, comparing my experience to other people and understanding how other users employ the product and making friends. And those friends become resources in the future so I think that it was great.”

Executive Director

“This is probably my eighth or ninth time here. I really love it. It’s a great way to meet people like me, who are trying to implement the same software that we are, change their environment, as far as trying to deliver new service, meeting the vendors. I love that part.”


“Momentum has been very helpful for us. It’s been very positive because it’s a good platform for us to see our clients, hang out a little bit, share some best practices. Just kind of relax in a beautiful setting and enjoy each other’s company. And prospective clients as well. It’s been very helpful.”