Conference Sessions

Experience the Billing Revolution with Expert Billing

Get introduced to the new Expert Billing and learn details of the new features and capabilities of the Expert Billing module introduced in Expert 8.1. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how Expert Billing will directly improve billing processes by shortening the WIP to cash cycle, improving bill accuracy and increasing auditability.

Expert Case Management: Why Every Firm Isn’t Using It and Why They Should Be

In 2016 Aderant launched an exciting new product to the market, Expert Case Management. In this not to be missed session, you will learn how this innovative solution streamlines operational process to centralise all of your case and financial information into your one system. See how the intuitive design and navigation has been created to improve your firm’s organisational agility through mobility, automation and collaboration.

Improve Your WIP and AR Management with WIP Aware

Learn more about WIP Aware, which was made available in the Expert 8.1 release. This exciting new application is designed for use by partners and their support teams to improve revenue management. Review the steps involved in implementing WIP Aware, including a review of the Rules available, and how to manage and customise them.

The Aderant Expert Dashboard (EA Pro): Everything at Your Fingertips

Get a sneak peek into one of the most exciting products in Aderant’s development queue, EA Pro. Learn our approach to enabling agility in individuals with an everything-at-your-fingertips entryway into the everyday tools required to run day-to-day operations.

Improve Billing Agility and Productivity with Expert Paperless Billing and On-The-Go Billing

Learn about the value you get with Expert 8.1 Paperless Billing within Expert Billing, improving the billing process and collaboration between the front and back office. See the improved capabilities and options available with Paperless Billing and we’ll introduce On-the-Go Billing for mobile review and editing of prebills.

What Everyone Should Know About the New Expert Spotlight Profitability Models

Develop an understanding of how various models used in profitability analysis can work for your firm. Attendees will gain insight into the model outcomes in Expert Spotlight to enable better decision making.

Introduction to Expert Entity Manager

This session will provide an overview of the new Expert Entity Manager application introduced in Expert 8.1. Learn more about managing clients, matters, rules and guidelines, and how to increase visibility of this information throughout the firm.

A Tour of Expert Time and Expense Management

Get a complete overview of Expert Time and Expenses and see how these modules seamlessly deal with a the daily requirements for time and expense entry. Included in the discussion will be best practices, implementation steps and tip and tricks.

Gain Front Office Insights Using New Expert Inquiries

Join us as we provide insight into the future of Timekeeper Inquiries. We will provide an update on one of our newest products, scheduled to be released soon, that will allow lawyers an easy way to answer the most pressing questions about their business.

What’s Next for Accounts Payable?

We are currently in the midst of our next major release which includes our re-envisioning of Accounts Payable.  Utilising the Services Framework Smartforms, Rules, and Workflow we will streamline, improve and automate various aspects of the AP process.  Come see what we have developed so far and offer your feedback!

Expert Classic and Framework Security

System security is a top issue.  In this session we will provide an overview of the Security within the Classic and Framework applications. We’ll discuss best practices of how your platform should be set up for increased security.

Unlock your firms potential with Expert 8.1

In this session you will hear about why upgrading your Expert system to the latest 8.1 version will increase your firms potential, with the new and inclusive applications such as; WIP Aware, Expert Assistant Professional, Entity Manager and more. This is a not to be missed session for anyone wanting to learn how to maximise on their Expert technology to increase their firm potential.

Framework Forms Customisation and SmartForm Skills

Learn the basics of the customising framework SmartForms in the new 8.1 modules and gain an understanding of Aderant’s enhanced SmartForm capabilities for both Smart Apps and Web.

Meet the Geeks: A Q&A Session

Meet Aderant’s leading software architects and infrastructure specialists.  Be sure to bring your questions about current and future technology to this free-form discussion.

Client/Matter Intake Workflow

Are you thinking of bringing your firm on client/matter intake workflow? We’ll show you Aderant’s standard client/matter workflow to arm you with the tools for success.

Expert 8.1 Upgrade Overview

Discover best practices for how you can simplify upgrades and lay the ground-work to capitalise on the evolution of our deployment and technology processes.

Expert Rules: Fine Tuning for Business Performance

In this session, gain a look at how Expert Rules have been applied across different products and how you can fine tune them to your advantage.

Upgrading and Customising Time & Expense SmartForms

With the introduction of the new Design Studio in 8.1, customising time cards is now easier than ever. We will demonstrate the most common time card customisations, the upgrade utility, and discuss the types of customisations that can be managed through this tool.

A Beginners Guide of how to Effortlessly Configure Expert Case to Fit Unique Firm Data Requirements

Expert Case can easily be adapted to provide a unique user experience for each of the practice groups in your firm. Michael Clavell, Product Manager for Expert Case will take you through how Expert Case enables you to effortlessly expand law types to meet the needs of each practice group within your firm and enable your firm to meet individual practice area requirements.

Top Down Pricing with Expert MatterWorks in 4 Easy Steps

In this hands-on session, we will show you how easy it is to use Expert MatterWorks’ new Top Down Pricing Wizard to build a budget that can then be converted into a full featured legal project plan.

Expert Billing: Under the Hood

Get hands-on with the new Expert Billing module. Familiarise yourself with the new views, capabilities and actions that will help improve your billing processes!

Using Paperless and On-The-Go Billing

Gain hands-on experience with the latest 8.1 release of Paperless Billing and learn how your partners will take advantage of On-the-Go Billing for mobile review and prebill editing.

Navigating Expert Collections to Improve the WIP to Cash Cycle

In this hands-on session, see how easy it is to navigate the new Expert Collections Desktop to track and manage collection activities, produce robust reports and utilise the tools to increase cash flow and improve your WIP to cash cycle. Experience for yourself how quickly users can get to work and start collecting on debt.

Get Hands-On with the Latest Expert Design Studio

Attend this hands-on session to gain a better understanding of the latest configuration and customisation capabilities available within Expert Design Studio. Familiarise yourself with SmartForms, Menus, Rules and more!

Dive Into Expert Case Management

Get hands-on with the new Expert Case Management product to discover the many ways it will deliver better information and efficiencies within your firm providing one solution across all of your different practice groups.

Creating Efficiency with Case Management: How Non-Technical Users can Configure Expert Case to Fit Unique Firm Processes and Task Flows

Come and investigate the ways that Expert Case will make your firm more efficient utilising our Taskflows options.  Step through our Taskflow administration screens and see how to easily set up either a templates for either a simple task list or a more complex workflows.

Leveraging Excel Reporting & Analysis Through Expert Spotlight

Advance your knowledge in creating actionable reports and analysis in Microsoft Excel using Expert Spotlight. Participants will expand abilities using Excel Analysis and Cognos Reporting Tools.

Inside WIP Aware

In this hands-on session you will experience how effortless it is to review WIP and AR with WIP Aware. With clear user interface and simple touch swipe actions, you will be able to identify matters that need attention, review WIP and AR as well as enter time and create prebills.

Inside Expert Time & Expenses

Get Hands on with Expert Time and Expert Expenses through the eyes of a user. Learn how to easily create time entries in various views, create and approve expense reports, and attach receipt images and much more.

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